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Horsebackrides in Patagonia

Untamed Landscape

Horseback Riding in Patagonia with Pingo Salvaje, Now!

Pingo Salvaje means "Wild Horse," a term used in Patagonia, and "salvaje" represents the freedom of its spaces. We develop outdoor activities in a natural and sustainable environment that inspire happiness, guided by principles of authenticity, respect, freedom, and tranquility.

We invite you to live a unique experience in Patagonia through our thrilling horseback rides. Our docile and trained horses are the perfect companions to explore the most stunning landscapes of the region.

Moreover, we are located just 25 minutes away from the city of Puerto Natales, making us the ideal starting point to begin your adventure in this magnificent corner of the world.

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Man on a horse at Pingo Salvaje

Explore the last untamed corner of the Earth

Horse looking through the pen

1-Hour Horseback Ride

If you have limited time and want to enjoy the unique experience of horseback riding in Patagonia, this is perfect for you. Suitable for all levels, discover breathtaking landscapes and serene meadows. Our expert guides will accompany you, providing safety and ensuring an unforgettable experience. Discover the beauty of Patagonia on horseback!
Horses grazing

3-hour Horseback Ride

If you want to further explore Patagonia on horseback, with sustainable commitment and no experience, whether you have a morning or an afternoon, this is for you! Our horses are moved under holistic management, prioritizing the well-being of the animal and the land. We promote a deep connection with nature and your horse companion
Man Riding a Horse at Pingo Salvaje

6-hour Horseback Ride

An exciting 6-hour horseback ride in Patagonia, culminating in a stunning viewpoint at 500 meters high, where you can admire majestic condors, a lagoon, and a mountain amphitheater. Enjoy a box lunch and, if you wish, experience the gallop in an indescribably beautiful setting. An unforgettable experience that will stay with you throughout your life.
Authentic experience

Pingo Salvaje: the living essence of Patagonia

The deep skies of Patagonia intertwine with the essence of Pingo Salvaje, creating an experience that will leave an everlasting mark on your soul

Woman enjoying trekking at Pingo Salvaje

Lake Sofía was a paleolake, with caves, majestic views, and challenging forests, holding the living history of the region.

Person with sheepdogs

Tradition and pride in Patagonia. Animals and training come together to create a unique identity. Discover our rural tradition.

Spit-roasting Lamb at Pingo Salvaje
Lamb Barbecue

Estancia Lamb: Tasty, lean, natural. Waterfall, forest, river. A magical place with calafate berries. Enjoy Magellanic lamb in a peaceful and natural place.

Camping site at Pingo Salvaje

Feel the wind, enjoy the wildlife, and embrace the ancient trees; experience freedom in its purest and simplest form.

Fachada de la Casa Oxidada

La Casa Oxidada: A Renewed Patagonian Tribute, Blending Cypress and Rusty Tin for a Unique Cultural Immersion.