Campground and accomodations | Laguna Sofia in Patagonia
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Each camping spot possess:

– Fireplace

– Grill

– Set of Table and benches

– Limited amount of firewood

– Restroom with 24-hour electricity

The maintenance and strengthening of our pasture fields, our animals and in general, all that is life: insects, birds, flora, fauna, etc. found in this place, is maintained under a “Holistic Management”; a vision of “everything” being integrated and global. We are certified:

Our self-sustaining energy, water from a waterfall that in turn gives us electricity generated by turbines; and heat through firewood from our own woods.


Our campsite is protected from the wind within a forest of evergreen beeches, coigues, housing nesting woodpeckers, kestrels, eagles, parakeets etc., you might see skunks, pumas, foxes, geoffroys cat, guanacos, armadillos, etc. on the slopes of, and in front of, Sierra Señoret and Cerro Benitez on the opposite side of Laguna Sofia. You will have direct access to the waters of Laguna Sofía where you can launch your boat or kayak and store them inside the property.

By requesting this service, you accept the conditions indicated in Learn more


10 camping spots


Separated Male – Female restrooms with firewood heated shower and hot water.


$13.000 CLP / day per person.

USD 17 day per person.

Come and get to kwow us!