Typical food and drink of Patagonia | Pingo Salvaje
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Our lamb Barbecue is made of the ranch’s own production; a young lamb that is tastier and with lean vaccine-free meat from an animal that has pastured freely on natural grass from the pampas.


– Chicken Casserole (Cazuela de pollo)

– Salad, one kind

– Homemade bread from the estancia and traditional Chilean salsa (pebre)

– Desert.

– Tea or coffee.

By requesting this service, you accept the conditions indicated in pingosalvaje.com.


$38.000 CLP / per person.

USD 51 per person.


– Lamb from the estancia.

– Appetizer: a glass of calafate or pisco sour.

– A glass of wine

– Three kinds of salad: Chilean style (tomato, onion, green chilies); regional lettuce and potatoes.

– Homemade bread, traditional Chilean fried flatbread (Sopaipillas), traditional Chilean salsa (pebre) from the estancia.

– Jugs of water.

– Desert.

– Tea or coffee.


Minimum 6 participants required.


$60.000 CLP / per person.

USD 80 / per person.

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