Field and skill: Sheepdogs and Shepherd Dogs | Pingo Salvaje
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Sheepdogs and Herding dog demostración 


As the proud bearers of knowledge and skills that creates our identity, we strive to show the customs and traditions of Patagonia to our guests, by inviting you to enjoy observing how natural instinct and good continued training makes our treasured dogs the perfect companions for the development of a tradition in Patagonia that characterizes our rural world. 

Level: Cultural and educational activity for children and adults.

Our tap water comes from the close by waterfall which also provides us with hydraulic power. We do not have descent internet or telephone signal (only within the reception area, depending on the weather conditions).


Approx. 40 minutes.


Upon request.


$18.000 CLP / per person.

USD 24 / per person.


– Minimum 6 participants required.
– This is an activity that can complement a horseback ride or a meal.

Come and get to know us!os!