To ensure a Responsible and Quality service, we inform our clients of the following terms and conditions of Pingo Salvaje:

Our excursions will not be canceled due to weather conditions; however, they may be modified to ensure the safety of our clients.

Each of our clients is responsible for having travel insurance that includes medical coverage for accidents caused by engaging in any risky activity.

Pingo Salvaje has a General Liability Policy for its passengers.

Each passenger must sign a Registration and Activity Risk Acceptance Form* (available in Spanish or English) prior to the horseback riding or hiking activity. It can be signed in-person or sent via email or WhatsApp.

Reservation requests should include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Nationality and age
  • Height and weight
  • Medical and/or physical restrictions (if any)
  • Riding experience: Basic or Advanced
  • Dietary restrictions for the full-day horseback riding circuit.

For horseback riding activities, each group will have one guide/gaucho for every 5 passengers. If there are minors in the group, an additional guide/gaucho will be assigned at no extra cost.

Minimum age for horseback riding is 4 years old.

Maximum age for a one-hour horseback ride is 80 years old and must be in good physical condition.

Maximum weight limit is 110 kilograms, considering that the saddle weighs approximately 20 kilograms.

All horseback riding activities include a guide/gaucho and provide saddle, reins, equestrian safety helmet, and leather leggings.

The activity and its duration will start from the moment the passenger enters the Equipment Room, where they will be received by their guide, who will provide orientation about the location, distribute helmets, leggings, and offer basic advice regarding clothing and the use of personal accessories, as well as instructions for using the restrooms. Afterward, passengers will be taken to the stables for an introduction to horse handling in either English or Spanish. Once this introduction is completed, each passenger will be assigned a horse based on their experience, safety, and height. Please note that this process takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on individuals' profiles and group size, and is part of the overall time and cost of the activity, whether it's a one, three, or six-hour horseback ride.

We recommend that each passenger brings their own gloves. Helmets are brushed, disinfected, and periodically washed after each use.

For on-site safety, our guides/gauchos carry a handheld radio (Handy) and a first aid kit on each excursion.

We have a VHF radio base at Estancia Laguna Sofía, and our Puerto Natales office serves as the communication center, reachable at +56-9-623-60371, located at Miraflores 1132 Street.

Transportation service has an additional cost.

Reservations must be paid in full.

Regarding payments, we work with WeTravel in US dollars or other currencies. For Chilean pesos, we accept transfers between national accounts.

In case of activity cancellation, we guarantee a timely refund of the amount paid, provided that you inform us in writing at least 48 hours in advance, either via WhatsApp or email. Refunds will be processed within 48 hours after notification.

For cancellations made 24 hours before the activity, we regret to inform that no refunds are possible. There is meticulous planning involved with our staff and logistics, as well as costs associated with our business that are incurred beforehand. We appreciate your understanding.

If you booked an activity, whether as an adult or a minor, and change your mind at the time of the activity, there will be no refund. We understand that decisions can change at the last minute, but please consider that prior planning was done to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience, which could not be completed due to personal reasons. Mutual understanding is appreciated.

Do not hesitate to ask questions and provide feedback.